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How I Manifested My Husband

It's not just a catchy headline, folks. I truly manifested Jake and want to share the story. Why? Recently, I've been talking a lot about manifestations, goals, removing self-limiting factors, and achieving higher self. This might sound very "woo-woo" to you, but I am a big, BIG believer in The Law of Attraction and manifesting what you want. I utilize positive thoughts & affirmations everyday to help achieve my goals because I know it works. It's how I met my husband :)

OK, Nikki, you got me, now what's the story

Flashback to 2015, it's Super Bowl Sunday and Katy Perry's sharks are getting into costume.

I, on the other hand, am in my apartment in Delray Beach, FL getting ready for a friend's Super Bowl party. To be honest, I was kind of on the fence on going; Ft. Lauderdale was a 30+ minute drive, my energy was low, and the Sunday scaries were already setting in. But, I dug down deep and got myself ready. Looking back at this time, it's funny because as I recall getting ready, I put on a simple t-shirt, jeans, and my fav Sperry boat shoes and thought to myself, if I met someone that night, they would take me for me - nothing fancy with hardly any make-up on.

I got in the car & took I-95 south. Within 5 minutes of driving, I had this deep feeling I was going to meet someone that night. So, with both hands on the steering wheel, I said out loud to myself three times, "I'm going to meet someone".

Thirty-ish minutes later I pull into a driveway and step out of the car. I hear a man calling over, "Are you here for Justin & Amy's party?" I respond yes, and he informs me that I've parked in the neighbor's driveway and was at the wrong house.

Before I could even feel embarrassed, the man walked over to my car and offered to re-park it for me. I thought this was kind of funny, why was he being so nice? But I handed him my keys and thought 'ooook'. As I walked away, the man called out, "Don't worry, I know how to drive a Prius, my parents have one!" I chuckled and proceeded to go join the party.

Little did I know this funny, nice, polite man would become my husband, Jake.

Quick caveat here, because anyone who knows us, will be like, "Wait, Nikki, you're forgetting something!"

Yes, readers, I am. Jake and I actually met one time prior, a couple years before this fateful Super Bowl Sunday. It was 2013, at The Riverside Market in Ft. Lauderdale. I met up with the same mutual friends and Jake happened to be with them. I was dating someone at the time, and Jake wouldn't stop talking about how he was off to propose to some chick in Europe. To be honest, it seemed like he was word-vomiting a lot about this situation, almost seeming like he was trying to convince himself it was the right move. I was a stranger though and politely listened. His engagement plans would be the only conversation we had that night. They eventually left the bar and my then boyfriend arrived. I didn't give Jake a second thought.

OK, back to Super Bowl Sunday ...

Jake chivalrously parks my car and comes back to return my keys. At this point, I hadn't recognized him yet. We have a quick, 'wait I know you moment' and start catching up. I find out he's now living fulltime in FL (until this point, Jake was a Canadian snowbird who only spent Winters in south FL). And to my surprise we are COMPLETELY hitting it off and I'm obsessed with him. Before I know it, we're basically hanging out one-on-one the entire party (luckily for me, the Canadian had zero interest in watching the actual Superbowl).

Later on during the party, I finally get a minute with my friend, the host, Amy. I explain to her that Jake is amazing, I am obsessed, but also totally bummed because he's married and probably has kids now. She excitingly shares that Jake did get engaged, but had since called it off and was now single.

MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR, you guys. It was game on and I was so excited, scared, nervous, and felt all of the feelings you would feel knowing you just met your significant other.

So, we were stuck like glue well into the last Pepsi commercial airing. Jake walked me out to my car (there's that gentleman again!) and asked me out on a date. I, of coarse, agreed and we exchanged numbers. The next morning, as I was sitting at work, I received a Good Morning text from him at 7:45AM. The rest is history.

I know in my heart of hearts, deep down inside, that my outward manifestation brought Jake & I together. It has me with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face as I type this. I know positive affirmations work. They can have immediate impact or take time, but I promise you they work.

So next time you hear me talking about manifestations, you know why I'm so passionate. They brought me my life partner, the best husband, and father to my kids that I could dream of.

I hope this inspires you to think about The Law of Attraction and what in your life can be manifested. If you ever want to chat manifestations, email me, this is one of my favorite things to discuss and love pumping everyone up with my passion for it!



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