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How To Create a White Brick Backsplash

I am so excited to share this guide on how to create a brick backsplash in your home.

We found this project to be fairly easy on the difficulty scale and an affordable option, too!

If you take on this project in your home, please email and let me know how it turns out! I love seeing before and after transformations!

Required Materials

A complete list of everything you'll need

Prep Materials

Install Materials

White Wash Materials

  • Gallon or pint of white paint (we used Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore;more on this later)

  • Paint brush (any will do!)

  • Bowl or bucket for white wash mixture

  • Towel or plastic sheeting to protect your work space

Finishing Materials

Step 1: Measure + Plan Your Layout

Creating gridlines will help ensure a smooth install. It will also help determine how many bricks will need trimming to fit your space.

  • Measure your wall space to determine how much brick you'll need

  • Ours was 28.76 sq/ft, so we purchased 30 sq/ft of brick

  • Add lines to wall using a level. This ensures the brick is lined up and level across whole width of the wall.

Bonus Tip:

We installed adjustable depth electrical outlets, so we were able to adjust them to extend out the width of the brick. This makes an easy finish for the electrical outlet covers.

Step 2: Prep the Walls

Creating gridlines will help ensure a smooth install. It will also help determine how many bricks will need trimming to fit your space.

  • Apply adhesive that will help grip the mortar, and hold the weight of the brick

  • Apply 2 coats with a roller brush

  • Let it dry for 24 hours

Step 3: Prep Brick

While the adhesive is drying, cut any bricks that need to fit around outlets, or specific measurements per your layout.

  • Trim brick with a tile saw or hand grinder

  • We used a hand grinder with a tile diamond wet disk

  • We made cuts for electrical outlets and 1/4" off the bottom row of brick (this 1/4" trim was needed to fit our space)

Step 4: Mix & Mortar

Properly prepping will ensure the walls can support the weight of the brick.

  • Using a hand trowel, mix in small portions, as mortar dries quickly

  • Slowly add water while mixing to get best mix

  • Apply mortar to walls with the same trowel

  • Our trowel had 1/2 inch notches

  • Apply mortar to about 3 feet of the wall at a time

  • This ensures you have enough time to set your brick before the mortar dries

installing brick backsplash

Step 5: Install Brick

This is where it gets exciting!

  • Add brick starting from the bottom of the wall

  • Leave spacers on the counter top of 1/8" gap between counter and brick (this gap will later be caulked)

  • As brick is pressed into the mortar, the mortar may squeeze through the gaps, if this happens, just use a finger to spread it around

  • Let brick dry for 24 hours

  • If you don't wait 24hrs you risk the mortar cracking

Bonus Tip:

Use spacers to ensure brick doesn't sag along the wall, in some places we used a screw as it was easier!

Step 6: Apply Mortar as Grout

This is where it starts to all come together.

  • Use the same mortar you utilized for the brick install but now for grouting the brick lines

  • Apply with a rubber float to help get into the grout lines

  • After 30-45 minutes, wipe down the grout with a wet sponge

  • This will help smooth the grout and fill in any holes

  • Wipe the brick as many times as needed to achieve the desired look

  • Let grout dry 24 hours

Bonus Tip:

I specifically wanted an over-grouted, organic look. We achieved that through a rough application of the mortar & not worrying about a heavy cleaning of the brick.

Step 7: Clean the tools

The least favorite, but very necessary step!

  • While grout is drying, clean all your tools in a timely manner

  • Dried Mortar is incredibly hard to get off after.

Step 8: White Wash the Brick

The brick can be white washed using paint or lime wash. I used paint because we already had a gallon available. Of note, I was not particular about the paint color and sheen since I was utilizing that was on hand - Swiss Coffee in Eggshell finish.

  • Mix paint & water in a 1:1 ratio

  • I worked with 1/4 cups at a time

  • Paint the brick using the mixture

  • Be sure to do multiple brush strokes to ensure there aren't any paint drips or brush patterns that will dry

  • Depending on the level of white you are targeting, you can complete 2-3 coats

  • I did 2 coats then touched up additional areas, but didn't do a full 3rd coat

how to whitewash a brick backsplash in kitchen

Step 9: The Finishing Touches

All the hard work is done, but complete these steps to ensure your pearly white brick will last.

  • Apply a sealer - this will protect the brick from staining

  • Caulk - gives the edges a clean, finished look (make sure you use waterproofing caulk!)

Step 10: Sit back, relax, & enjoy the view!

You did it! You have completed this project & added a charming and stylish touch to your home.

Please email or tag us on Instagram with your transformation!

Can't wait to see it!

xo, nikki

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