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How to style your kitchen with vintage china plates.

Vintage charm enters the chat. All for $60!

The Snowy Cedar Lodge kitchen renovation is almost complete!

What does that mean? TIME TO STYLE!


It's the little touches that make a home feel warm, cozy, and well-styled. And even with beautiful, new cabinets and countertops, our kitchen needed a little jazz.

I designed our kitchen around this window as a focal point. I love the way it turned out, but there was some blank space under the sconces that needed styling. So I decided to add style with vintage china plates!

kitchen renovation with white oak cabinets
My new favorite view.

THE APPLIANCE CORNER This was the first side of the window I wanted to focus on. Because of the way the appliance garage door opens out and up, I had to think of a way to add style to this area that wasn't a shelf. The obvious, first option was art, but I wanted something a little more out of the box. After some pondering I came to the perfect idea, vintage china plates! I knew three plates would be great because "the rule of three" is a steadfast belief of mine. If you're not familiar with this concept, it means that groupings of three objects create more visual interest as opposed to even numbers. So, I was on the hunt for vintage plates. I found my first plate at a local antique shop and sourced the others from Etsy. This did take a little time, trying to coordinate plate patterns and sizes that would compliment each other, but it wasn't a daunting task for me.


With my china plates in hand, it was now time to hang them. I spent maybe 15 minutes deciding on their placement. I wanted them to be offset and not perfectly aligned with each other. Why? Because, again, offsetting and not creating perfect columns or rows, creates more visual interest. I found the perfect placement for the first plate and worked from there.

VOILA! Pretty charm and a cozy touch added so easily :)

kitchen decorations


$60.68 folks, that's it! The three plates totaled $48 (which included shipping, etc.) and the plate wall hangers were $12 total!

I hope this inspires you to add vintage touches to your home. If this inspires you to do the same project in your kitchen, please let me know! I would love to see it!

xo, Nikki

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