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My first two weeks post-partum (& that time I cried over a guinea pig)

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the things I looked forward to the most was the first two weeks home after baby was born.

I fondly remember this time with Jack; it was so full of love & content that I couldn't wait to do it again. Here's a peek into our first two weeks at home as a family of four and my post-partum experience.


The Homecoming

We planned our arrival home while Jack was still at school. This would give us time to get settled in and introduce Jack to Emerson in a calming environment while giving him ample amounts of love and attention. I'm happy to share the introduction went great. Since then, the transition has been very smooth. In Jack's case, we discussed baby sister A LOT while I was pregnant, hoping this would prepare him for the new arrival. And while he was affectionate and loving towards her while in my belly, I wasn't sure what to expect once Emerson was here. Luckily, Jack has welcomed her with open arms and loves being her little helper.

My sis snapped these pics of Jack meeting Emerson for the first time.

The Beginning of the 4th Trimester & our Breastfeeding Journey

So, we're home, everyone is settled and getting into a routine of non-routine.

All in all, my body feels great. With this being my second cesarean section, I went into the recovery knowing what to expect. My first c-section recovery wasn't bad and I was hoping for the same outcome this time around. My recovery with Emerson has been better than expected. I chalk that up to walking and being off heavy pain medications within the first 24 hours post-op. While major surgery can be overwhelming, I was in a better mental state for this planned arrival than with the emergency c-section experience with Jack. I am thankful for a better birthing experience and happy with my choice of not considering a VBAC.

A topic that loomed over my head throughout pregnancy was breastfeeding. My BF with Jack was not exactly stellar. We combo BF & formula fed from the beginning (he was jaundice and the hospital recommended formula to get more fluids in him). Jack also wasn't the best at latching and fussy at the breast. I somehow made it three months BF, but threw in the towel thereafter and pumped until Jack was a year (while still supplementing formula).

With Emerson, I was hoping for a different experience. I also told myself I was not going to be a slave to the pump. I remember bottle feeding Jack in the middle of the night than having to pump right after; this was a nightmare and something I wasn't going to do again. Not to mention, this was my routine while I back to work (no fun).

I went into BF with Emerson without any expectations and no pressure on myself. Luckily, she has a great latch (not without some practice and bloody / cracked nips in the beginning) and we're 100% nursing very comfortably. I owe a lot (if not all) of this to the support I received in the hospital. I learned several new things that I implemented with Emerson that I think made a huge difference in our nursing journey.

I am happy to say that two weeks in, BF is pain-free and I feel like it's been a successful experience thus far. We will need to introduce a bottle in a few weeks since I'll be returning to work. And while breastfeeding feels right now, I understand that could change at any minute. I am very open to pivoting should the experience no longer serve us, but for now we are both happy. I will share some products at the end that I feel have helped us become successful, should you be on the same path :)

Momma of two :)

Emerson's Temperament

Like her brother, Emerson is a content little babe. She is pretty chill, nurses, and sleeps most of the day. We have started a bit of a "witching hour" between 8pm-10pm. Typically Jake and I take turns walking her around while trying to coerce her with a pacifier until she passes out. She hasn't been enthusiastic with the pacifier, so we'll continue trying.

We're also working on solo naps in the bassinet. I did purchase the "Taking Cara Babies" infant sleep course and will start implementing in a few weeks. Until then, I'm gently trying to have Emerson take some of her naps without me. Sometimes this is very hard. (I've had to get up three times while typing this to try to get her back to sleep.) Most of her naps are while lying on me. Which I enjoy for the most part, but when I haven't moved off the couch the entire day and 6pm hits, it starts making me moody. So, we'll see where her sleep journey takes us.

We're also working on introducing a bottle. Like the pacifier, Emerson seems completely uninterested in the bottle. Compared to Jack, he would take formula or milk in any bottle at any temperature, no questions asked. Emerson seems to have higher standards in this department LOL. And while it's only been two weeks, I am starting to feel a bit nervous about the bottle transition. So, just like sleep, we'll see where her feeding journey takes us.

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Sleeping beauty.

And what about MOMMA?!

All in all, the first two weeks post-partum have been positive. I feel like I'm finding somewhat of a routine and taking care of myself the best I can. I make a point to shower and do my skincare routine every day (sometimes it happens at 9AM, sometimes it happens at 1PM). While that may seem trivial, those activities can really make a Momma feel good LOL. I also try to get out and walk every few days, At night, I try to have a cup of tea before bed. Sometimes Emerson is awake and other times she's asleep. On very special occasions, I've even been able to read a page or two of a book. Both of these routines have helped me feel like I'm having a moment to myself (despite being strapped to the couch 90% of the time with a baby on my boob.)

I'm trying my best to take care of my mental health post-partum. Having a baby, while the greatest feeling and accomplishment in the world, can also feel very isolating and overwhelming. I fully acknowledge the latter and make a point to try give myself what I need to cope with those feelings. My mental state for the most part has remained positive and calm. I would say there's about 10% of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and down right exhausted. And while 10% is a small percentage in the grand scheme of things, when that 10% of feelings are happening, it certainly feels like the 90%.

The sweetest and most heartwarming experience is seeing Jack become a big brother.

Which brings us to the time I had a breakdown over a guinea pig ...

Before I start, I'd like to point out that WAY before Emerson came into our family, I was complaining that our guinea pig, Cookie, is the neediest living thing in our household. First off, this pig eats so much lettuce. And when she doesn't have lettuce she squeals to the heavens for us to give her some. After conducting a few, very non-scientific experiments, I concluded that Cookie almost only squeals for lettuce when I enter the room or walk past her cage. This has become very annoying. Not to mention a squealing guinea pig + a barking dog + a rowdy 3.5yo + louder than needed Go Dog Go! on TV is enough stimulation to send me over the edge.

Well, on this particular evening, I was at the tail-end of a 3hr cluster feeding. I was sitting in a chair next to Cookie's cage, exhausted, fed up, and wanting a break. My sister had just finished cooking us dinner, so I got up to go eat (with Emerson still attached) and Cookie just started going off. In turn, I started going off. Cursing, crying, threatening to put Cookie out with the Coyotes. I sat down at the dinner table, and a few words were exchanged between myself and Jake which resulted in me crying into my bowl of chili.

My ultimate feelings were I couldn't be the caretaker for everybody and everything in our household. And while Jake is a stellar and very involved Dad and Husband, in this exact moment, all the caretaking responsibilities were overwhelming me. After I finally calmed, Jack told me, "Don't worry Mom, we'll take care of the guinea pig."

Enter the flood-works again.

That's the thing about hormones, they are truly all over the place. For me, most of my mood swings are pet-induced. How Bowie hasn't been taken to the farm yet is an intervention from God himself. But I share this because while the post-partum experience has been the majority of positive feelings, there are some downs I've felt as well. If you're in thick of it too, I am with you in solidarity. Nothing about having a baby and growing humans is easy. And just when you think you've figured one stage out, enter the next challenge. Let's give ourselves grace through these moments and a moment to cry when we need to.

Sending lots of love,


P.S. A few items that have changed my post-partum experience...

Silverette Cups - these have hands-down made my BF experience night and day

Haakaa Milk Collector - have allowed me to start a good breastmilk stash without having to pump!

Reading Light - I've hung this reading light from my headboard. Helps a ton during those night feedings!

APNO - 'All Purpose Nipple Ointment' - was a lifesaver when my nips were cracked and bleeding. A few days of applying this magic cream and my nips were like new. Talk to your doc should you be interested in this option. It can be made at home with a few over the counter ointments.

Our first pic as a family of four!

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