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The Elegance of Eggshell: Why Eggshell Sheen is My Choice for Interior Paint Finish

Hi abode family! If you've been following on social media, you know we've been in the trenches of renovating our mountain dream home (or what we have lovingly named Snowy Cedar Lodge!) With most of the heavy lifting completed in the main living area & kitchen, it's now time for paint! And while I receive questions on what color paints I've selected, I think it's also important to discuss my preferred paint sheen. Because while the paint color is of primary importance, sheen is a very close front-runner when deciding on paints for your home.


baby nursery, neutral nursery, pale oak benjamin moore paint, baby boy room, neutral baby room
Paint color shown here: Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore, in Eggshell Finish

Just the Right Amount of Sheen: Eggshell, named for its similarity to the low sheen of an actual eggshell, has the unique ability to capture the best of both flat and gloss paints. This finish offers a subtle shine without the high reflectivity that often comes with glossier options. It lends a warm, inviting, and sophisticated depth to walls without drawing too much attention.

living room interior decorating, simply white paint color by benjamin moore, living room bench seating area, how to style a shelf
Paint color shown here: Simply White by Benjamin Moore, in Eggshell Finish

Exceptional Durability: For those with children, pets, or simply a bustling household, durability is key. Eggshell sheen boasts a higher resistance to scuffs, scratches, and general wear and tear compared to flat paints. Its slightly higher sheen means it's more washable, ensuring your walls stay looking fresh and clean for longer. This reason alone makes eggshell finish a winner in my book!

Light Refraction: The gentle sheen of eggshell paint is adept at refracting light, subtly enhancing the room's illumination. This can make spaces seem more open and brighter, a desirable effect for smaller rooms or those with limited natural light.

Hides Imperfections: High-gloss paints tend to highlight imperfections on your wall, from bumps to cracks. On the other hand, eggshell sheen does an excellent job of camouflaging these minor flaws, offering a smooth and consistent appearance that's pleasing to the eye.

primary bedroom decor, swiss coffee by benjamin moore paint color, master bedroom design, mountain modern home decorating
Paint color shown here: Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore, in Eggshell Finish

Versatility: Last but certainly not least, eggshell finish is incredibly versatile. Its understated sheen provides a classic look that pairs well with virtually any color or design aesthetic. Whether your style leans more towards modern minimalism, rustic charm, or anything in-between, eggshell sheen can elevate your vision.

The process of choosing the right paint finish might seem daunting at first. It’s about finding the perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, and longevity, a combination that eggshell sheen remarkably offers. Whether you're remodeling your entire home or just freshening up a room, consider the elegant and enduring option of eggshell. It's not just a paint finish; it's the finishing touch that can transform your house into a home.

Need help with selecting paint colors or a larger interior decorating project for your home? Let's chat how abode interiors can help! Email us to get started!

And, as always, happy decorating!

xo, nikki

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