The Summer 2022 Collection

This collection was inspired by the joys of entertaining and gathering with those we love. Whether it's a casual night with friends, a formal dinner party, or an impromptu afternoon

happy hour, the summer collection includes pieces which are perfect for any get-together. 

The Summer Collection includes your choice of options for two out of the four items.

A perfect way to customize and personalize your abode box!

Yearly Subscribers receive first choice, followed by Quarterly Subscribers.

The Summer Collection begins shipping in June!

Item 1: Choice of Marble & Acacia Wood or Wine Display Charcuterie Board


The Marble & Acacia Wood Charcuterie Board


The Wine Display 

Charcuterie Board

Take entertaining to the next level with this Marble & Acacia Wood. This board adorns a chic leather handle and brass detailing.  


Sleek details make this board truly elegant.


Dimensions: 14" Diameter

Care Instructions: Hand-wash only​

A unique spin on an average charcuterie board, now allows you to arrange your favorite treats, around your favorite bottle of wine or champagne!


This board is crafted from 100% Mango Wood. 


Size: 3.5" Depth, 12" Diameter​

Care Instructions: Hand wash only

Item 2: Choice of Linen Napkin (set of four)

Starflower Napkin.jpg

Starflower Napkin Set

Prairie Napkin.jpg

Prairie Napkin Set

Solid Beige Napkin.jpg

Solid Beige Napkin Set

There's nothing so nice as setting a table with cloth napkins to elevate a meal, snack, or drinks with friends.


Pure woven 100% cotton is washed for softness with a slightly casual, and elegant look for everyday.


These napkins feature extra wide hems and mitered corners. Tie them up with a few sprigs of fresh herbs tucked inside to create a heavenly scent, just in time for dinner. 


Dimensions: 20" x 20"

Care instructions: machine wash cold separately; tumble dry low

Items 3 and 4: Marble Tray and Gourmet Cheese Knives (set of three)


Marble Serve Tray


Gourmet Cheese Knives

Perfect for your favorite charcuterie spread! This tray is a beautiful, smooth marble which can also double for a pretty display tray. 


Material: Marble

Size: 12" W x 4" H x 0.75" D

Care Instructions: Hand-wash only

Perfect for your next charcuterie spread! This set includes stainless steel Cheese Fork, Cheese Spatula, and Bell Knife. 


CHEESE FORK: Use this fork to firmly hold cheese in place while cutting into it with another knife, such as a chisel


CHEESE SPATULA: Use this wide blade to slice through crumbly to soft cheese such as Brie or Feta


BELL KNIFE: The short yet strong blade is designed to cut through heavy and mature cheeses such as Parmesan


Care Instructions: Hand-wash Only

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