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The Summer 2023 Collection

This collection was inspired by all the reasons we love summertime.

The items in this collection are curated to add function to your summer lifestyle

while also adding beauty to your home decor.


We've leaned into neutral colors & stoneware to compliment a variety of

interior decorating styles.

The Summer Collection includes your choice of options for two out of the five items.

A perfect way to customize and personalize your abode box subscription!

Yearly Subscribers receive first choice, followed by Quarterly Subscribers.

The Summer Collection begins shipping in June!

Item 1: Stoneware Berry Bowl   


Stoneware Berry Bowl

Store all your summer fruits in style!

We love these cute & functional & cute berry bowls to hold all of the foods - summertime strawberries, hard boiled eggs, figs, artichokes - all while looking stylish in your fridge. 

The Berry Bowl is also a perfect compliment for your charcuterie displays!

  • Made of Stoneware with reactive glaze

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Matte White

  • Size: 5'' x 3" 

Item 2: Set of Measuring Cups
(choice of style)

a white bowl with brown seeds in it next to a white bowl with a white lid and a

Stoneware Measuring Cups


Gold Hammered Measuring Cups

These charming measuring cups are inspired by vintage batter bowls. Perfect for your cooking needs, the inside of each of these measuring cups is marked in both ounces and cups in sizes: 1 & 1/2, 1, 1/2 & 1/4 cup.


One side of each is designed with a V-shaped spout for easy pouring. They stack inside each other for easy storing and are dishwasher & microwave safe.

Step up your summer baking & cooking accessories with a set of pretty measuring cups.

Each set of cups come with four sizes; perfect for all your meal preparation needs!


Cup Sizes: 1 cup, 2/3 cup, 1/2 cup, ¼ cup 

Item 3: Stoneware Taper Holder or Petite Vase

a table with pictures and candles

Stoneware Taper Holder

a flower vase

Petite Flower Vase

The Stoneware Taper Holder is a great home decor item to refresh your space for the season. We love the drama & character a single taper holder brings to a stylish vignette.

Add it to your entryway table, bookcase, or coffee table display to instantly elevate your style!

Display beautiful summer blooms in this petite vase. The petite flower vase is made of porcelain & adorned with texture and cute handles.


The vase is perfect for holding a single, summertime peony in your kitchen, vanity, or bedside table!

Item 4: Cream Striped Baskets
(set of two)

storage basket, set of storage baskets, home decor basket, home decoration baskets, striped storage basket, neutral basket., house basket

Cream Striped Baskets

Need to store all your goodies while still having easy access? These storage baskets will do the job while adding style to your home decor. The neutral colors compliment all decor styles - transitional, modern, coastal, or farmhouse!


The baskets can also be used in your home to store blankets, toddler toys, or shoes near the entryway. The ways they can be used are endless!


small basket: 9" x 8"

large basket: 10" x 11"

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